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Papi Marcos & Rob Quin – The Party is Inside You

Papi Marcos & Rob Quin – The Party is Inside You

Rob wants to throw a secret party at home and decides to invite Marcos, his hot step-uncle with whom he always had a crush on. Marcos is happy to be invited, but he isn’t sure if the boy asked his father for permission. Rob tries to lie about it but Marcos quickly calls his bullshit, so they decide to make a pact: if they have some horny fun together, Marcos won’t say a thing. Marcos has been feeling loaded since he arrived at his brother’s place, especially with his twink step-nephew parading around the house in his hot shorts that make his ass look juicier. Rob has always wanted to know what his step-uncle’s cock tastes like, so the timing is perfect. After one amazing blowjob, Marcos grabs the boy to eat his ass lustfully, making room for his big fat cock to plant his seed deep inside his step-nephew.

Actors: Papi Marcos

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