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Legrand Wolf, Serg Shepard & Cain Marko – The Ties That Bind – Tape 3: New Family

Legrand Wolf, Serg Shepard & Cain Marko – The Ties That Bind – Tape 3: New Family

Cain Marko didn’t know what else to do. His nephew Serg had promised to text him when the meeting with the boy’s long lost father had ended. No such text arrived, and although he might have had cause for alarm, he knew the kid well enough by now that he wasn’t shy about spontaneously jumping into adventures.

He assumed that Serg had merely slipped into the bustling nightlife thrills of NYC and… well, at the very least he hoped the boy got laid. 

But now it was half-past ten in the morning and no word from Serg. Cain decided to go back to the hotel and see if his brother Legrand—Serg’s recently-found father—had a line on where the boy might have ventured off to. 

To Cain’s astonishment, the fellow who answered the door wasn’t his brother Legrand. It was his nephew, Serg! And he had a mile-wide smile when he opened the door, barely covered.

Cain followed the happy-eyed twink into the room in a sort of disbelief. Serg casually waltzed over to the king-size bed and laid himself upon the mattress. He kicked back and gazed over at his hunky uncle, who by all accounts was still unsure as to how to proceed.

Finally, Cain expressed his puzzlement over the fact that Serg was here in Legrand’s hotel room, mostly naked and… he silently wondered—did Serg and Legrand..? The curious uncle scratched his beard in thought.

With a self-satisfied smile, Serg related to his uncle how he and his father Legrand had moved their hang-out session up to the hotel room, where things got… well, to punctuate that thought, Serg spread his legs slightly and briefly revealed his dick underneath the skimpy white towel he donned around his waist. Cain coughed and adjusted himself.

The temperature in the room seemed to have risen a few degrees. Serg continued to casually, coyly eye his clearly aroused uncle. Cain glanced around the spacious hotel room. Where was Legrand? Serg quickly piped up that his father had left a few hours earlier to attend a business conference, but would return in a bit.

Cain clicked his tongue and clasped his hands together. Then, not really knowing what else to say, he returned Serg’s smile and politely excused himself. He certainly didn’t want to be an intrusion.

Serg nearly leapt from the bed as he implored his uncle not to leave. He slid down to the edge of the bed and touched Cain’s hand. 

Serg looked up at Cain and offered the DILF his most earnest “stay-awhile-and-fuck-me” gaze. Cain melted under that expression, and then, mutually, they groped.

In just a few moments, the twink’s towel was tossed away and Cain’s clothes were thrown all over the floor. Naked and alone together once more, Serg was utterly ravished by his lustful uncle. They had really only known each other for a few weeks, but even still, their sexual chemistry was Impossible to ignore.

Precum oozed from Serg’s stiff shaft. The boy suspected that his uncle had skipped breakfast, since the hungry DILF ate his boy hole out like a starving beast. Then Cain grabbed his meat and wiped his own precum all over Serg’s tender, puckering entry. He pushed his cock all the way in and then quickly all the way out. 

And then, as Serg let out a high-pitched, cacophonous cry—to both boy and man’s surprise—the door to the hotel room opened.

Their elated cries came to an abrupt halt. It was Legrand. Serg and Cain’s heads whipped around and they froze, like terrified prey.

When Legrand entered the room, the first thing that hit him was the powerful, musky-sweet aroma of pre-cum, sweat and sex. 

While Cain didn’t necessarily feel much guilt about boning his brother’s twink son, he could certainly understand how Legrand might not be thrilled about it. However, to Cain’s slight surprise, Legrand gave his brother a wink and told him to keep going. 

Fact is, Serg had outright confessed to his father the night before about what had happened back in Kyiv between him and Cain when they first met. In Serg’s mind, he felt like the understanding MD had taken in, digested, and fully accepted the situation with grace. Serg loved his father even more so because of that. 

Legrand casually walked over to the other side of the bed and sat down in a chair. He never took his eyes off of his brother as watched the action. Serg didn’t know who to keep his own eyes on—his sweet, sexy uncle or handsome DILF father.

The sounds Serg made caused Legrand to loosen his tie and wipe his brow. As Cain got back into his fuck-rhythm, Legrand began to touch himself. After a few moments, Legrand rose from his seat and dropped his drawers. He massaged his aching erection as he watched.

As Legrand stroked his cock, he recalled another topic of conversation that he and Serg had had the night before. Legrand had made his own confession: he and his brother Cain were no stranger to threesomes. While Cain was more the type to go out and bring home a fine young dude to screw, sometimes Legrand would join. 

And more than that, Legrand and his brother shared a long-kept family secret: he and Cain were casual lovers in private. They shared a room as children and when the close-knit brothers reached adolescence, they began to explore their awakening sexuality and fool around. 

Serg nearly shot his load when, after Legrand stripped down to his jockeys and hopped onto the bed, he immediately locked eyes again with Cain. With a heavy pause and a look of longing, Legrand began feeling up his brother’s broad, buff, furry chest. Then they kissed. Serg held back joyful tears while furiously beating his own dick.

Cain couldn’t believe his sensational luck. He pulled out of Serg’s hole and offered it to Legrand. The MD happily obliged. 

Serg rolled off of his back and into the doggy position. Legrand sunk his cock all the way in. The boy was loosened up for sure, but was still insanely tight. Cain leaned over, grabbed his brother’s handsome face and slid his tongue inside.

Legrand was perilously close to blowing. The taste of his brother always got his rocks off and in this situation the desire to release had rarely felt this powerful. Seconds later, the cumshot of the century erupted from Serg’s father and, when the orgasm finished and he eventually pulled out, all three dudes could not do much more than shake, wheeze, and sigh. Legrand leaned over and placed a lust-driven kiss hard on his darling son’s mouth.

Suddenly, Cain’s hand moved to Serg’s shoulder, pulling him gently back. The twink barely had time to gulp some air before the other horny brother grabbed on and began face-fucking his nephew. 

The moaning brothers gave each other a knowing look. Cain was close to cumming, and Legrand leaned over his son to kiss him again, lips locked with the most intimate passion. After several minutes of this Legrand took his tongue out of the boy, waiting to see what would happen next. Turns out, Serg wanted some uncle spit for himself and so he went for Cain’s tongue. 

Legrand then instructed his son to turn around and get those lips around his father’s throbbing cock again. This Serg did in an instant. At the same time, Cain stooped over, licked the boy’s hole, and without further ado, plunged his daddy dick all the way into the well-fucked anus.

It seemed no matter how hard, deep, or intensely Serg was penetrated, regardless of orifice even, the horny twink just couldn’t ever get enough. Cain noticed, too, and with that thought stared right into Legrand’s eyes, grabbed onto his nephew’s waist, then blasted. The cumshot was unsurprisingly explosive—the torrid waves of mind-numbing pleasure shook Cain to the core. It felt like seven or eight blasts burst from his cock. 

Cain and Legrand grasped one another and embraced over the near-to-tears twink. As Legrand, Cain and Serg held each other close, the boy couldn’t help but count his blessings. One thing that Serg could say: he would always be proud of where he came from, but he was simply overjoyed to finally be with his father and uncle way from across the Atlantic, far from home.

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