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9 Tops 1 Bottom – A Cum-Filled Easter

9 Tops 1 Bottom – A Cum-Filled Easter

Serg Shepard bends his smooth ass over the leather sofa as hung top Eddie Patrick loosens him up for the group session he’s hosting. He uses his big dick to smack the the smooth bottom’s asscheeks before dipping dick in.

There are plenty of younger tops at this party: Milo Miles, Angel Elias and Grant Ducati take their time with Serg’s hole, while twinks like Maxx Monroe and Vincent utilize their length to long-dick Serg’s sloppy cum-filled entrance. Dylan Tides, in Easter-weekend spirit, jackrabbits his cock into the cumdump.

Adam Snow and Nick Cranston bring that much-needed thick-dicked daddy energy to the party, spreading Serg’s hole open that little bit further than most could ever dream. After feeling the full weight of Nick’s muscular build crashing down on him, Serg is finally spent after 9 loads of dribbling cum.

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