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Karim’s cum dump – 1st part

Karim’s cum dump – 1st part

The boss Karim is back and he still needs to empty his balls into a submissive, docile mouth. Admit it, you’d like to be in the shoes of that hooded, masked guy who throws himself on his knees in front of the good cock of that handsome, straight, super virile, bearded Arab man. Karim Yoav isn’t shy. He loves getting his dick sucked by guys, and he knows that his manly odor, glowing masculinity and testosterone-filled balls will drive any gay man crazy. Come sniff and lick the man! Get down on your knees in front of your boss. Suck and don’t say a word. Prepare for you for what’s going to follow.

Actors: Karim Yoav

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