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Vincent O’Reilly & Bruce Jones – Vincent’s Stainless Steal

Vincent O’Reilly & Bruce Jones – Vincent’s Stainless Steal

When Vincent O’Reilly is suspected of stealing, security officer Bruce Jones brings the young perp to the back room for interrogation. Vincent swears his innocence, but Bruce knows his type and knows better than to let Vincent walk away. Bruce conducts a thorough search only to find stringed steel beads up Vincent’s butt. His intuition was correct, and now Bruce must make sure Vincent faces some form of justice.

The hairy stud whips out his cock and makes Vincent get on his knees – if Vincent wants to walk away, no questions asked, he’ll have to suck and fuck his way out of this one! Vincent knows the deal and starts blowing Bruce. Soon, Vincent gives up his hole and rides Bruce’s hard dick. Vincent lets Bruce fuck him hard until Bruce busts his load all over his asscheeks.

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