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Viktor Slams Ridick’s Ass – Angle C

Viktor Slams Ridick’s Ass – Angle C

Viktor is a strong and dominant RAW ALPHA MALE who knows what he wants and when he wants it. Viktor is a total top, and pounding ass is what he does when he lands a guy in the bedroom (something that is very east for him to do, as you can expect). He exudes raw machismo when he flirts with men, and that can be anywhere. Hell, some straight guys even give him a ride to see what it feels like to take dick. But here, Viktor is in the Raw Alpha Males fuck room, and he’s giving it hard and good to Ridick, who is a proven bottom when taking dick from powerful alpha tops. And not only does Ridick get fucked; Viktor tests the limits of Ridick’s hole with an enormous dildo and even his fist!

Actors: Ridick / Viktor (RAM)

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