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Philip Price & Nico Vegas RAW – RAUNCHY

Philip Price & Nico Vegas RAW – RAUNCHY

Sexy Philip Price is on his knees, blindfolded with his hands shackled over his head. He is only wearing his underwear. Nico Vegas, in only underwear too, enters and starts to run hands all over Philip’s sexy body. He kneels and kisses Philip’s hot chest as he feels up his body. Then he kisses Philip on the mouth. Nico slaps on Philip’s sexy body as he gropes his underwear.

Then he stands and pulls out his stiff cock. He pulls Philip’s head down to suck it. Philip eagerly works on that throbbing cock for a while. Then Nico kneels and gropes him again. Moving around to the other side he slides his cock back into Philip’s eager mouth to be sucked again. Then Nico releases Philip’s stiff cock from the underwear and starts to suck it. Both cocks are rock hard and Nico wanks himself as he sucks on Philip’s cock. He kisses Philip’s hot chest as well.

He stands so that Philip can suck him again, but only briefly as Nico want to suck him some more as well. He works hard on Philip’s throbbing cock. Then he stands and releases Philip’s arms. Philip sucks Nico some more before being bent over. Nico takes a butt plug and shoves it into Philip’s tight asshole. He works Philip’s hole, leaving the plug all the way inside. He wanks himself while playing with the hot hole, pulling the plug out and shoving it in again. He starts spanking Philip’s ass as well. Philip’s stiff dick is pulled down between his legs and wanked too. Then Nico moves up so Philip can suck him again.

After that the plug is removed and Nico’s rampant cock fucks deep into Philip’s eager hole. Philip moans as he feels the dick working his hot ass hole. Nico fucks that ass hard and then uses the butt plug on it again. He pulls Philip’s cock back and wanks it, sucking on his balls too. He spanks his ass as well and grinds the plug into the hole. Nico pulls it out and fuck Philip’s ass some more with his rampant cock.

Philip wanks himself as he enjoys Nico’s big dick up his ass. When Nico sits on the floor, Philip happily takes a ride on his big cock. His own cock is rock hard as Nico fucks him hard and fast. They move to a spoon position, and Philip wanks himself as Nico fucks him. Philip soon unloads his hot cream as Nico pounds his hole. Then Nico pulls out and shoots his cum over Philip’s face. Nico kisses Philip one last time.

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