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Mr Angus & His Boy Marcus – Father Son Checkup

Mr Angus & His Boy Marcus – Coming of Age Tape 1 – Father Son Checkup

Angus always knew his boy, Marcus, would be a handful! He’s spirited and willful, always going his own way and rarely ever behaving. He would be more concerned, but he was happy to see him go for what he wants! Angus was never so sure of himself at that age, so as much as it worries him, it also makes him proud…

Nothing seemed to really alarm him until Marcus came out of the closet. He had always had his suspicions, but it was never something he spent a lot of time thinking about until the moment became reality. All he could think about was the life his son would live and all the sex he’d be having. His mind was flooded with thoughts of his boy getting fucked by all different kinds of men. Thoughts that both alarmed him and, quite frankly, turned him on!

He didn’t really know what to do about that, so he thought he’d talk to the family doctor about it. Marcus had a school required physical coming up and that seemed like as good a time as any.

The exam called for an ultrasound which was unusual for Marcus and Angus. Angus watched as his boy’s heart was looked over. Marcus couldn’t believe he was seeing his insides on the screen, even if it was just a fuzzy black and white image.

While that seemed to be a bit extreme, Marcus couldn’t help his growing erection. Lying on the bed getting his body looked over, he felt his cock swelling up in his small underwear. He couldn’t control it, stimulated by the handsome doctor’s touch. It was especially embarrassing to have it happen in front of his old man! He’d never gotten hard in front of him before and he felt his face flush…

Marcus couldn’t believe Angus mentioned that he might be putting things in his butt! It was then that Dr. Wolf could see the beefy daddy was sporting his own erection. He knew that the older man was fixated on his son’s sex life, curious how he would take cocks anally. Dr. Wolf was happy to appease him, curious to play around with the ultrasound a bit more.

Setting Marcus up in the stirrups, he lubed up the device to show his daddy just how much space he had inside his anal cavity, proving to him that he would have no trouble taking a toy or even a very large cock!

On the screen, Angus could see the doctor’s work play out. Even as he slid a finger inside, he could see it stroking his prostate on the monitor, making the boy harder with each gesture…

Angus watched as his boy spread his legs open, getting probed by the handsome doctor. His own cock was achingly hard, imaging his son getting fucked deep and hard. He couldn’t deny that he found him strikingly handsome in this light. He couldn’t help but be curious what it would be like to be the one to penetrate him!

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