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Michal Alcar – Spanking

Michal Alcar – Spanking

Sexy Martin Alcar is shackled and blindfolded, standing in just his undewear. His tormentor pulls on Martin’s nipples and feels over his sexy chest. Then the hands slap on that chest as Martin moans. He moans again as a hand gropes his undewear. Then Martin is turned around and he writhes as the hands hit on his back. His underwear is pulled down, showing off his sexy ass.

Hands soon spank that ass. Martin’s captor holds Martin tightly as a heavy hand lands on his hot ass. Then that sexy ass gets whipped as well, making Martin squirm and writhe. The hands spank his ass more and then spread the cheeks to show off his hot hole. Martin is turned again, and his dick is wanked a little before the hands hit all over his body.

Martin’s captor attaches clothes pins to his nipples, foreskin and cock. He then turns Martin again, and Martin’s sexy ass gets more attention from hand and whip. Turned around once more, the pins are removed, and Martin lays on a stool, legs up. His cock is wanked as his hot ass hole is exposed. He grimaces as a finger fucks roughly into his tight hole. That hole can take more, and soon a dildo fucks its way deep inside.

Martin’s ass gets another spanking s the toy is fucked into the hole. Martin is turned onto his knees, showing off his ass. He wanks himself as the ass gets spanked. Then that ass is fucked with the dildo again before the whip returns for the back. After more fucking with the dildo Martin sits on the stool and wanks himself. He keeps wanking and soon shoots his hot load all up his sexy body. That dick is milked dry too. Then a final few slap on the hot chest end a very hot scene.

Actors: Michal Alcar