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Hunter Graham & Reece Scott – Staying With Dad Tape 4: Early To Rise

Hunter Graham & Reece Scott – Staying With Dad Tape 4: Early To Rise

Getting a divorce after more than twenty years of marriage, one could say there were some major changes in my life. Before my son Hunter moved in with me a few weeks back, I’d spent almost a year living alone. I’d become quite independent and got used to spending much of my time either at work or enjoying single life—basically left to my own devices.

But now, having my son with me during most of my free time—including bedtime—has been quite a change from the norm. Not that I mind. Waking up to Hunter cuddling against me every morning has been quite the treat. The boy somehow wakes up gorgeous and ready for love each and every day. I felt like the luckiest guy on planet Earth.

On this particular early morning, I had been having a magnificent dream. In the dream, Hunter was performing incredible miracles with his lips and tongue on my big daddy cock. Sweet agony blended with incredible ecstasy all in one. My boy was a magical boy with a magical touch. I thought I was going to blast into his mouth when suddenly I woke up! Except it wasn’t just a dream…my groggy eyes were still adjusting, but–-Hunter was actually going to town on my hard-on in real life!

My eyes snapped fully open. Good grief, the boy was certainly hungry this morning! Famished by lust and obsessed with my penis, Hunter slurped, suckled, and salivated all over the ten-inch erection. And I quickly realized that I was perilously close to cumming—just like in the dream—if my son kept up that kind of oral treatment.

I stroked the boy’s soft, light brown hair. He looked up and dazzled me with those soft hazel eyes. Hunter crawled up my hairy chest and planted a warm, wet, happy kiss right on the lips. I slipped my tongue inside that cinnamon-sugar flavored twink mouth. I savored Hunter’s cute, pouty lips and his sweet morning breath.

I reached down and began to stroke my son’s rod—which was growing to be so much like mine. The boy was less than half my age and yet his penis was nearly as long and thick as my own. My morning appetite was starting to kick in, so I slid down the mattress and swallowed the boy’s cock whole. His sexy little grunts of pleasure and desire quickly turned to long, loud moans as I started to simultaneously suck his rod and finger his pink, hairless hole.

After a good long while of that, I turned Hunter over onto his side and asked if he was ready. The boy nodded eagerly and begged me to penetrate him—deep. Any and every wish my son declares in our bed always gets granted.

My sweet boy warbled, whinnied, and wanked his aching cock as I long-dicked him while he bounced on my dick. Just the sight of Hunter’s knee-knocking, naughty smile alone gets me hot.

After making love in several amazing positions, I could feel the edges of my control begin to waver. I guided Hunter flat onto his stomach and began really driving into his vise-grip hole. Good thing I had hold of the boy, as he began to cry out and insist on my fucking him harder. We would have broken the bed had I fucked him with any more enthusiasm!

Sweat was streaming down Hunter’s face. My whole body was roasting hot, perspiration soaking my body and dripping onto the wailing boy underneath me. I hoisted myself up and held steady with my forearms as I continued to pound my son’s tiny ass, except with a much more rapid pace. I know I was hitting Hunter’s heavenly sweet spot because he kept making that precious vocal blend of a sigh and a squeak.

I just couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I thrust one last time and froze. Rope after thick, creamy rope of semen blasted from my cock. I honestly might’ve passed out for just a moment as the powerful orgasm rocked my body, heart, and entire lifeforce.

I kissed my son all over his face, ears and neck as we tried to catch our breath. Eventually, I had the strength to pick myself up as Hunter laid there, still processing. Savoring his own sensations after what probably had to have been a pretty epic cum into the mattress.

I slowly pulled my cock all the way out of Hunter’s pretty ass and murmured pleasurably as I watched the creamy load ooze out. I massaged some of the warm, thick fluid into the boy’s smooth taint and pressed a goodly amount of semen back inside the stimulated twink pucker.

As I finally lay down again, Hunter crawled into my arms and into a spooning position. Yet another incredible morning. I held the boy close to me and kissed him all over his face. Early morning was easily becoming my favorite time of the day!!

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