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Damian Hight & Picwik

Damian Hight & Picwik

Bad boy Damian is horny after a long day at work. As soon as he arrives back home, he’s on the floor, leaning against the fridge and getting huge whiffs from his stinking sneakers while touching himself up.

He’s interrupted by his roomie, Picwik, who barely bats an eyelid. Picwik often finds Damian pleasuring himself this way. To be honest, he very much enjoys seeing it, and often joins in. Picwik immediately squats down and starts to suck Damian’s massive member. Damian, of course, loves the way his roomie gives head—the right amount of suction, the right amount of spit, and the sleazy, slurping bastard can take a dick deep into his throat without choking.

Their kisses are wet, dirty and desperate. Submissive Picwik wraps the sneaker’s lace around the shaft of Damian’s 9-incher and continues to serve his master, periodically sniffing the sneaker like the stench addict he is.

Damian pulls Picwik to his feet, pushes him against the fridge, and lodges his slippery tongue deep in the bottom boy’s bum. Damian feels the need to bang hard so Picwik’s ass will have to be wide open and ready for business.

Damian thrusts his giant member deep into Picwik’s hole and slams into him with very little mercy. Picwik takes long breaths through the sneaker to regulate his breathing as Damian brutally rearranges his internal organs.

Both men jerk themselves off while leaning against the fridge. A legendary quantity of watery sperm flies from Damian’s dick before Picwik explodes his thick cream all over his beloved sneaker.

Actors: Damian Hight / Picwik

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