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Christian Wilde & Michael Jackman – Testing The Water

Christian Wilde & Michael Jackman – Testing The Water

Michael Jackman is curious to be a sub for the first time on Bound Gods and Christian Wilde is the perfect dom to lead him on this journey. Michael is blindfolded and tied to the wall when Christian enters and starts stroking his naked torso. He asks the bound sub if he’s ready to submit and Michael eagerly says, “Yes, sir!”

Christian spends some time smacking Michael’s smooth and flat stomach with a gloved hand as his belly turns red from the attention. Christian reaches for the flogger and gives his him a few gentle strokes across his chest, stomach and legs then slowly turns up the heat until he’s whipping his sub with the authority he deserves. Christian grabs a leather paddle and starts working on Michael’s stomach until the helpless sub’s skin is glowing bright red.

Michael is then tied with his arms behind his back as Christian paddles his ass and rims his bright pink asshole. Michael’s face is a mix of shock and ecstasy as his dom provides a deep pleasure after the intense flogging. But Christian isn’t finished. He puts Michael on his knees and slides his fingers down his throat then pulls out his rock-hard cock and guides his subs mouth down the length of his shaft. Once Christian is satisfied, he flips Michael onto his back and gives his belly a few more smacks with a riding crop before slowly sliding his perfect cock into his ass. Michael can only watch as Christian fucks him long and hard before cumming on his perfect little asshole. Only then is Michael allowed to touch himself and he shoots a huge load of cum on his bright pink belly. Christian admires his handy work and says, “Quite the journey, huh boy?” And Michael obediently replies, “Yes, sir!”

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