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Brody Kayman & Florien – Picking Up Man Skills

Brody Kayman & Florien – Picking Up Man Skills

Florien has been spying on his stepdad Brody to pick up ‘man skills. He also has a secret crush on him, so it’s no surprise that he watches him shower from the distance while jerking off at the sight of Brody’s huge dick. When caught, he comes clean about his desire to learn how to be a man, so Brody decides to show him how to shave, a good opportunity to check his stepson’s bubble butt while guiding him.

Noticing his stepdad lusting over his ass, Florien reaches out for Brody’s dick, finally getting a grip of it. Seeing his stepdad’s sign of approval, he falls to his knees and swallows the colossal snake. Covering all with his saliva, Florien lubricates his stepfather’s cock so Brody can pound his asshole with it. With ease, Brody introduces every inch of his man meat in Florien’s cum hole, plowing the young twink with passion.

Actors: Brody Kayman / Florien

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