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Ariel Astra – SPANKING

Ariel Astra – SPANKING

Ariel Astra is gagged, blindfolded and shackled, in a chair. He is stripped to just his underwear. His tormentor looms over him and feels him up, pulling on his nipples. Arial’s stomach is spanked, and his underwear is groped. Then heaving hands smack on his chest. The hands hit all over his chest and grab at his nipples. Then Ariel’s thighs are spanked. His underwear is groped more. Clothes pins are attached to his nipples and his chest is teased with an electric probe.

Ariel’s underwear is pulled down to release his cock and balls. His cock is grabbed and wanked. Then the pins are removed from this nipples which are then smacked. The blindfold is removed so Ariel can see what is happening. His cock is stroke again. Clothes pins are attached to it and on the balls too. Then Ariel is made to kneel on the chair to expose his hot ass hole. Sparks ignite on his ass and his ass cheeks get a good spanking. A finger is fucked into his tight hole while his cheeks continue to be spanked.

Ariel returns to his seat. His legs are pulled into the air and he holds them up as his hot ass gets spanked. His hole is oiled, and he gets fingered some more. A dildo is inserted to fuck that hole hard. He gets more spanking, with his cheeks coloring nicely. Ariel sits up and is allowed to stroke himself. He keeps wanking until he unloads his thick cream.

Actors: Ariel Astra

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